Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I just want to go on record as saying that Joshua was supposed to be in charge of the blog this month. Poor showing Fykes! So now I've got a moment before bed and my work is at a place that everything can keep until tomorrow so let's catch up. How've you been?

We have been vacillating between crazy and our life is awesome. Joshua has been building "The Shed." We've been to Texas twice to meet with the managers of Town & Country Cafe to get them on track for the new plan for "The Restaurant." We've been underwhelmed by everything but the okra in "The Garden." And we are slowly acquiring cloth diapers and nursery supplies for "The Kid." Speaking of...we got new pictures today and measurements and info. Turns out he is eating at 9:30pm, 1am and 4:30am and cries all the time. They also categorized him as "Obstinate sometimes." I wish I could post the photos online but if you care to see just email me and I'll send them that way.

So that's the short story of July. We have our first court date in Taiwan (where a proxy stands in for us) on August 16th so in case you don't see us again before then send some prayers our way on the 15th so the judge is happy and content and can see what a great family this is.

Oh did I forget to mention "The Thing" on Joshua's face? My Bad!