Monday, August 23, 2010

Going to Taiwan - Take One!

In one hour I get to head to airport to pick up Joshua. He has been in Texas for 2.5 weeks dealing with restaurant issues and I am so glad to get him home. Number One: I miss him! Number Two: We have a lot to do!

I've been reading through our old blog posts from 2008 before our trip to Europe and thinking about how much prep we did for that trip. Here we are with a trip to Taiwan looming in our future and we haven't done anything to think about it. Plus, at the end of the trip to Taiwan we don't just have memories, we have our son.

We aren't going to do a "nursery" per say but we do want to put together a room that sort of matches so we should probably get on that. We also need to learn/acquire cloth diapers since we have decided not to spend the money or the room in landfills on 2 years worth of diapers. Luckily we've had people give us lots of other baby accouterments so we aren't totally unprepared but we are far from ready. Then on top of all the baby prep there's the actual travel in a country which Rick Steve's has probably never been. Most of the couchsurfers don't speak English so we're gonna be pushing it a little bit with that type of lodging. Plus we have to pack for 2 adults and an infant.

It will all work out but when there is a chance we could be leaving in October I think the end of August is a slow start on this one. Expect updates here on "nursery" and travel progress.

Keep us honest Internet!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Getting Rid of "It"

August 2nd the beard came off. The original plan was that he was going to shave it off for the first court date for Ehren. However, Monday August 2nd we got a call about a small restaurant crisis in Texas and Joshua couldn't deal with all the stress with that thing on his face. So instead of commemorating a good day the beard came off on a day of crisis.

I couldn't be happier!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Patiently Waiting

So the good news is that our court date couldn't have gone smoother. The birthmother showed. The file was deemed complete. Now we just wait for the judge to rule. That will be his "first decree" and then there is a waiting period where the birthmother can change her mind and then we get the "final decree" which officially makes the adoption legal in Taiwan. Then we make an appointment to get his travel visa and immigration papers and we head to Taiwan.

Seems so simple and you'd think we'd be heading out next month but you have to remember we are dealing with 2 governments. Because the court appearance went so well we have our finger crossed to travel in the middle of November. No promises though!

In other news Joshua has been in Texas for a week and a half. There was a small restaurant crisis that is slowly resolving itself and I'm hoping he gets to come home next week. Right now, I'm living the single parent life with "Austin the Boy" and I am NOT a fan. Yesterday traffic was horrible and it took me 2 hours to pick him up from school. TWO HOURS! Then I had to get him fed and run to a client meeting where he sat and did his homework while I talked market trends with a seller client.

It's gonna be a hard 4 days for me, but the poor kid. I'm probably the meanest adult he knows and he's stuck with me alone for 4 days. Hopefully we'll both be stronger on the other side but I can tell you one thing: This 3rd grader will know how to make his own lunch by Friday.