Sunday, March 13, 2011

Rainy Day

It was rainy outside and Ehren seemed to lament not being able to go outside.

Ehren eating the window

Ehren eating the window 2

Ehren in window

Tiff & Ehren in window seat
Things have been a bit more than crazy around here. Tiff has more listings and buyers than she's ever had, I've had more projects than I've had in over two years, and Ehren has been eating, teething, growing, etc. The past couple days in particular Ehren has been eating like there's no tomorrow. Tiff and I were feeding him breakfast this morning and we both looked at each other and said "Did he grow since yesterday?!" Seriously. He looked like he gained an inch overnight. It could've just been the way he was sitting, but his outfit was tight that fit just a few days before. Crazy (and awesome)

Other things of note: We had dedication at church last week for Ehren. He did fabulously in spite of being sick (he projectile vomited all over Tiff in the bathroom not two minutes after we got off stage). Ehren has adjusted to church nursery and childcare at the YMCA. He is starting to pull up, and loves to stand on his own but he does like to keep a hand on something stable.