Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween: 1998 -vs- 2009

We'll let you guess which one is which.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A Matter of Principal

It is currently 64 degrees in our house. This is the toastiest it has been in over a week. I was really hoping we would break the 65 mark today but unfortunately the sun stayed behind clouds most of the day.

Is our heater broken? No

Are we insane? I think the resounding answer is "the jury's still out on that one"

We have a Fykes Family Rule of no heat until Nov. 1. I know all of our Texas people are going "Please that is no big deal, its still 95 here." Well bottle that heat up and send it our way because this week we have lows in the 30s and highs in the 50s.

The biggest comment I get about this is "Just turn your heat on 63 to knock the edge off. You'll still be saving money." A lot of things we do in our life are because of their effect on our pocket book.

We play the grocery game and stockpile things when they go on sale because of our pocket book (and because it's fun).

We wash and re-use plastic bags because of our pocket book (and we like to cut down on waste).

We keep the heat on 69 in the winter and air on 79 in the summer because of our pocketbook (and partially the waste thing again).

However, this rule has nothing to do with our pocketbook. This is just a matter of principal. We live too comfortably and too often we let our comfort dictate too many of our decisions. So this is a decision we let the calendar decide. Every once in a while things need to be inconvenient and difficult so we can appreciate the things we have.

No I'm not about to go off about all the people who have less...but now that you mention it. We could be on the street without even a house to keep us out of the freezing temperatures we had a few nights ago.

(Stepping down and putting away soap box)

So anyway, we normally don't have real pain for this rule until the last week or two of October but this year we're having quite a cold October so we've been pushing through a lot of the month. This is our adjustment this year.

That big colorful thing is our quilt and the thing under it is our mattress. We are sleeping in our living room. We normally would just make a pallet but because we are going on night 5 with about 10 more days in the month we decided it was just easier to drag the mattress out there.

Turns out if you shut off the back of the house (thank goodness we decided to keep that door) the room with the windows stays warmer than the back of the house and if you add a fire you can almost sit with only 1 layer of clothes on.

It isn't easy and you have to layer up to go to the back of the house to use the restroom but it is a great exercise on what our bodies can take. You wouldn't believe the difference between 58 and 62.

Anyway, that's the weird thing the Fykes are doing right now - just thought I'd keep you updated.

Monday, October 19, 2009

What Else Would It Be Called?

I was shopping in H&M with Sam (during a break from the sweat shop) and we noticed this song playing. Sam's first comment "This is annoying. Who is this?" Sounded to me to be a little like The Refreshments which was a band I loved in high school but with the use of the iPhone we discovered it was not.

The song was much below Sam's more distinguished musical pallet. Me? I can enjoy Top 40 just like the rest of the 15 year olds so it didn't bother me too much. Then the chorus broke out and we realized it was about Texas. Now there weren't any tears but we did both audibly say "ahhhhhh!" like we were looking at a puppy. And after we heard "the mexican food sucks north of here anyway" we basically just stood in the middle of the store and listened. We endured the rest of the verses and then at the mention of Blue Bell Sam said "I think my mom called H&M and asked them to play this song."

So...for your listening enjoyment. OHIO. Yeah that is what they called this song about Texas. Push through, enjoy the chorus and wait for the bridge. My new favorite section is when it sounds like one of the country bars I used to go two-stepping in during college.

I have this feeling you have to have left the state to really appreciate it but maybe not.

I HEART Texas!

Friday, October 16, 2009

"Playing Cars"

I was magically transported back to being 9 years old last night.

"How" you ask?

I'll tell you how - Austin (the boy)
*pay close attention, there are 2 Austins and 2 Joshs in this story. It's part of the fun of telling it.

It's an amazing thing being around a 9 year old boy, how eager they are to suck you into their imaginative, destructive ideas. We kept Austin the past two nights while his mom was traveling for work and last night we had some good times with my good friend Josh (Can you find the mysterious foot in the photo below?)

Anyway, so there we were last night: two Joshs and two Austins, and then Austin (the boy) decided that we should "play cars". The photos below only begin to describe the fun that was had by all. My favorite part was watching the other Josh play goalie, trying to keep cars from flying through the window - so glad Tiff wasn't home. Austin (the dog) of course was freaked out, had nothing to do with any of it and was quite relieved when it was over.

My other favorite part was seeing how quickly Austin (the boy) turned normal household furniture into:

Point of View shot of the course, car wreckage and all.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Today We Only Got 8

Joshua and I are taking this intensive boot camp class on generating leads for our businesses. We are 4 weeks into our 8 week series and today I hit a wall. I can't imagine doing this for 4 more weeks. This is crazy.

Here's the scoop. We have to make contact with 20 people everyday and ask them if they know anyone looking to remodel or buy or sell real estate.

20 people.


Now hear me say - It Works! I have gotten 2 listings and I have 4 other meetings set up because of these calls but it's intense.

Week one we called everyone we knew. Week Two we finished off that list and started calling strangers in neighborhoods where I have sold a house. Week Three we moved on to For Sale By Owners and listings that had expired. And here we are on Week Four. We called everyone we know, everyone in the greater metro area that are FSBO or have a listing that expired. That leaves us with... Yeah that is exactly what I thought today. Short of just starting to call the phone book I don't know.

The one thing that saves us is that Joshua loves knocking on doors. He'll just get out in the neighborhoods where I have houses listed and he'll just knock around the houses meeting people. If we invited all these people to a party I'm sure they would be shocked to find Joshua was the one silent and content talking to no one. I think his genius at door knocking is because down at the core Joshua doesn't care what people think and that makes him awesome at walking up to doors and saying "Do you want to sell your house?" However, it is going to rain for the next few days so that puts the kabash on that activity. (sidenote: we've gotten 2 clients like this so props to Joshua)

So here we are trying to finish strong in Week Four. We are dead on for our numbers thus far but tonight I find myself 12 short. So here's the goal...I need to fill my last 12 contacts and that is where you come in. I know some of you are not in Nashville but I can help even if you're out of state. So Internet...Do you know anyone looking to buy or sell real estate or remodel their home? (answers that are no still count but if you have a referral that would be awesome as well - leave a comment either way).

Monday, October 12, 2009

Filling in the Blanks

September was a ridiculously busy month and as such the blog has been hurting for content. Here's the rub, when we're busy there is lots of stuff to talk about but no time to do it. And when we aren't busy I have time to write about the most mundane boring things that no one wants to read. Maybe in my life plan I should include someone to write our blog for us. No, no. Here's something better. I can hire someone to do my work and then I can write blogs about the things the people I have hired are doing. Hmmmm.....still working the kinks out on that idea.

Well here's the 2 highlights from the month.

1. I worked with my most down-to-earth, head screwed on right, yet youngest real estate client to date. She decided that she wanted a 15 year mortgage so that she would own her home flat out at the age of 37. I mean seriously, what an admirable choice. Last month I found her that house and in a few weeks she will begin her feat of paying it off. I love being a part of people's good life decisions. What I don't love is the photo the other agent used. I mean seriously are we selling a house or a tree because at this point I can't tell.

2. I was introduced to Rockingham, North Carolina by producing a GAC special on Bucky Covington (american idol contestant turned country music celebrity). After interviewing and driving with Bucky all over town I could now give the "celebrity tour" of Rockingham. I have no idea who would be on that tour but it probably wouldn't be a pretty group of people. No - just trust me. Now that I think about it you DON'T want to go on this tour.

Friday, October 2, 2009

My New Consulting Business

A couple of years ago I did this free thinking session trying to figure out what I love and what I excel at where the ultimate goal was to figure out what my dream job would be. At the end of that 3 hours I "discovered" my dream job is helping people start businesses.

Since then I've started 2 businesses for Team Fykes. However, two years later I accidentally got to do it for someone else and turns out I do love it and I'm fairly proficient at it.

My trip to New York City turned into a business consultation and business start up planning. It wasn't exactly the trip I had planned but honestly I really didn't have anything planned so why not help one of my best friends start a business?

I do need to work on the fee structure I charge but honestly I'm pretty excited about my payment.

You can get one for yourself or any of the other awesome things she makes here