Friday, October 16, 2009

"Playing Cars"

I was magically transported back to being 9 years old last night.

"How" you ask?

I'll tell you how - Austin (the boy)
*pay close attention, there are 2 Austins and 2 Joshs in this story. It's part of the fun of telling it.

It's an amazing thing being around a 9 year old boy, how eager they are to suck you into their imaginative, destructive ideas. We kept Austin the past two nights while his mom was traveling for work and last night we had some good times with my good friend Josh (Can you find the mysterious foot in the photo below?)

Anyway, so there we were last night: two Joshs and two Austins, and then Austin (the boy) decided that we should "play cars". The photos below only begin to describe the fun that was had by all. My favorite part was watching the other Josh play goalie, trying to keep cars from flying through the window - so glad Tiff wasn't home. Austin (the dog) of course was freaked out, had nothing to do with any of it and was quite relieved when it was over.

My other favorite part was seeing how quickly Austin (the boy) turned normal household furniture into:

Point of View shot of the course, car wreckage and all.

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