Monday, October 19, 2009

What Else Would It Be Called?

I was shopping in H&M with Sam (during a break from the sweat shop) and we noticed this song playing. Sam's first comment "This is annoying. Who is this?" Sounded to me to be a little like The Refreshments which was a band I loved in high school but with the use of the iPhone we discovered it was not.

The song was much below Sam's more distinguished musical pallet. Me? I can enjoy Top 40 just like the rest of the 15 year olds so it didn't bother me too much. Then the chorus broke out and we realized it was about Texas. Now there weren't any tears but we did both audibly say "ahhhhhh!" like we were looking at a puppy. And after we heard "the mexican food sucks north of here anyway" we basically just stood in the middle of the store and listened. We endured the rest of the verses and then at the mention of Blue Bell Sam said "I think my mom called H&M and asked them to play this song."

So...for your listening enjoyment. OHIO. Yeah that is what they called this song about Texas. Push through, enjoy the chorus and wait for the bridge. My new favorite section is when it sounds like one of the country bars I used to go two-stepping in during college.

I have this feeling you have to have left the state to really appreciate it but maybe not.

I HEART Texas!


sam said...

hahahahahahaha! i like how musically snobby i sound here. russ would be proud. :)
hey how did the dress ever work out?

joshntiff said...

Yeah I was trying to figure out a good way to bring you down a notch on the cool scale by mentioning your Twilight obsession but I couldn't work it in. :)

I wore the dress to a meeting and got the listing. I know it looks good because it's so hard to sit down in it, it has to be good.

sam said...

oh good! i really loved it, so glad it worked out.