Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Today We Only Got 8

Joshua and I are taking this intensive boot camp class on generating leads for our businesses. We are 4 weeks into our 8 week series and today I hit a wall. I can't imagine doing this for 4 more weeks. This is crazy.

Here's the scoop. We have to make contact with 20 people everyday and ask them if they know anyone looking to remodel or buy or sell real estate.

20 people.


Now hear me say - It Works! I have gotten 2 listings and I have 4 other meetings set up because of these calls but it's intense.

Week one we called everyone we knew. Week Two we finished off that list and started calling strangers in neighborhoods where I have sold a house. Week Three we moved on to For Sale By Owners and listings that had expired. And here we are on Week Four. We called everyone we know, everyone in the greater metro area that are FSBO or have a listing that expired. That leaves us with... Yeah that is exactly what I thought today. Short of just starting to call the phone book I don't know.

The one thing that saves us is that Joshua loves knocking on doors. He'll just get out in the neighborhoods where I have houses listed and he'll just knock around the houses meeting people. If we invited all these people to a party I'm sure they would be shocked to find Joshua was the one silent and content talking to no one. I think his genius at door knocking is because down at the core Joshua doesn't care what people think and that makes him awesome at walking up to doors and saying "Do you want to sell your house?" However, it is going to rain for the next few days so that puts the kabash on that activity. (sidenote: we've gotten 2 clients like this so props to Joshua)

So here we are trying to finish strong in Week Four. We are dead on for our numbers thus far but tonight I find myself 12 short. So here's the goal...I need to fill my last 12 contacts and that is where you come in. I know some of you are not in Nashville but I can help even if you're out of state. So Internet...Do you know anyone looking to buy or sell real estate or remodel their home? (answers that are no still count but if you have a referral that would be awesome as well - leave a comment either way).

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Lauren S said...

We've got a Murray Co couple coming over tomorrow night, and we'll ask just in case!

I seriously love that Joshua enjoys door-knocking. So funny.