Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Disney World of Waterparks

Last week we went to Texas and it was one of the most fun trips I've had in a while. We started at a friend's wedding just outside of Houston and I'm not one to be excited about going to Houston. I'm actually the one that says "Why???" when people tell me they are moving to Houston. I know that may be very ignorant of me but I fill my brain with plenty of other things so I don't feel the need to educate myself on the positive attributes of Houston. Plus, hating things is so much easier.

So we got my friend off and married in what I hope is the last bridesmaid dress I have to wear. Then we high tailed it to the Hill Country with the already married friends. And the next day we had on more clothes than our newly married friends, but maybe not much. I was telling someone today about the amazing tubing, waterslides, lazy rivers and wave pools at Schlitterbahn and the first thing she asked me was "so how does that work?" and she waved her hand up and down her body. Yep! We walked around all day barefooted and in just our bathing suits. Then we got to head back to my parents house totally exhausted and grill dinner on their patio.

I know it doesn't sound that exciting but combining great friends with my parents with Texas with an epic summer experience I couldn't have asked for a better trip.

Sunday, June 27, 2010


Yesterday the power went out twice. Both times right in the middle of cooking a meal. The first time it was while we were preparing the elaborate breakfast Joshua and I had planned for ourselves the night before. The second time it was the dinner we had been craving since we had to settle for cold cereal for breakfast.

We haven't lived through any stretch of time without electricity for years. I remember the last time was when we were on Inwood and everyone came out on their front porches and hollered to each other across the street. This time most of our neighbors were gone and the sun was 20 minutes from setting and we were starving so Joshua frantically looked for flashlights and candles while I threw together the sandwiches we would eat.

We had a romantic picnic by candlelight. I read to Joshua for as long as my eyes could take it. We left a message for our couchsurfers telling them where to grope for the flashlight when they got home and we went to bed early.
Like 9:30pm.
It wasn't so bad

Monday, June 14, 2010

Dear 20 Year Old Tiffany,

Congrats on identifying and following your dream so early. You don’t realize right now how rare it is for someone to stand up against what everyone expects of them at such a young age. That being said, when you get offered that amazing opportunity to take a job in TV in New York City your junior year – take it! Who cares that you aren’t done with school? You are strong enough to go back and finish school later. We all know you love learning too much. You.Can.Finish.Later.

Wash your face every night. It’s a hard habit to get into so maybe get a head start on that one.

I don’t want to ruin it for you but next year you’re gonna make a stupid decision. One of the few rash things you do. The consequences will be painful and you’ll have to fight but coming through it on the other side will seal your future in a perfect way so I'm not going to tell you not to do it. It’ll also be a badge of imperfection that you need every once in a while.

It’s kind of socially awkward to have guy friends once you are married so learn to get along with girls. Your later married self will thank you. You might as well work on the whole makeup thing, too. You’ll end up wearing it later so teach yourself how to use it now. Plus it’ll get your Mom off your back.

Enjoy college. Don’t take everything so seriously. Your drive will get you where you want to go but learn to put it in neutral every once in a while. Play while you still can. It’s harder to do when you have rent or a mortgage or a little Taiwanese baby (peaked your interest there right?).

Keep up with the Walters. They are a great family and those kids you babysit are going to turn into great little adults. You’ll be glad to watch them grow up. You’ll also need a place to stay when you visit Austin because you won’t be living there forever (you might as well get that through your head).

While you’ll achieve a lot, remember you aren’t what you do. Hold loosely to the things you have. Be generous with your money and your time. No matter how much you get hurt continue to love people intensely because when it sticks it’s worth all the pain.

Much Love,

30 year old Tiffany

Thanks to Cassie Boorn for the idea

Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Real News!

So remember all that adoption paperwork we had to fill out? Well about two weeks ago we got a call from our adoption agency and we have a little boy waiting for us in Taiwan. I would love to post a picture here but until the adoption is finalized we can't share the photos.

Bummer, right?

Joshua and I really couldn't be more excited. We are looking at bringing him home late this year and we had no idea it could all happen this fast. I mean we really hit this process hard in February and we'll have him at about the human gestational period of 9 months. People wait years for their kid so we couldn't feel more blessed. He is healthy and tiny and so cute. Please know I wouldn't lie to you Internet. I'm of the belief that all babies are NOT cute, but this little guy has the best lips and a head full of hair. C-U-T-E!

We are trying to not get totally consumed by the news since our world won't change for at least five months. But with everyone else around us getting excited on our behalf it's hard not to just sit and stare at his photo. This is gonna be one loved kid!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Our New Addition

Were you expecting something else?

We have our annual lawn party this weekend and Joshua has a deadline to have this project completed. He's had months to do it but with the flood last month everything in construction that wasn't emergency related kind of came to a screeching halt. So this has come off the paper and into our backyard in about a week. My favorite part is being able to walk out our door and have a visual reminder of how talented my husband is.

His challenge was to build a creative and interesting shed for the same price that you can buy a pre finished one at Home Depot. He's going to come in just a little over the sticker price but he doesn't have to pay tax so I'd say that is success.