Sunday, June 27, 2010


Yesterday the power went out twice. Both times right in the middle of cooking a meal. The first time it was while we were preparing the elaborate breakfast Joshua and I had planned for ourselves the night before. The second time it was the dinner we had been craving since we had to settle for cold cereal for breakfast.

We haven't lived through any stretch of time without electricity for years. I remember the last time was when we were on Inwood and everyone came out on their front porches and hollered to each other across the street. This time most of our neighbors were gone and the sun was 20 minutes from setting and we were starving so Joshua frantically looked for flashlights and candles while I threw together the sandwiches we would eat.

We had a romantic picnic by candlelight. I read to Joshua for as long as my eyes could take it. We left a message for our couchsurfers telling them where to grope for the flashlight when they got home and we went to bed early.
Like 9:30pm.
It wasn't so bad


Lauren S said...

My electricity went out too for several hours yesterday. All our neighbors were out on the porch making sure it hit us all. I went to Safeway for a while because it was getting hot. :)

Memry said...

Remember that time that you are going to have a baby later this year?? I miss you guys! Thinking about you today.