Monday, October 12, 2009

Filling in the Blanks

September was a ridiculously busy month and as such the blog has been hurting for content. Here's the rub, when we're busy there is lots of stuff to talk about but no time to do it. And when we aren't busy I have time to write about the most mundane boring things that no one wants to read. Maybe in my life plan I should include someone to write our blog for us. No, no. Here's something better. I can hire someone to do my work and then I can write blogs about the things the people I have hired are doing. Hmmmm.....still working the kinks out on that idea.

Well here's the 2 highlights from the month.

1. I worked with my most down-to-earth, head screwed on right, yet youngest real estate client to date. She decided that she wanted a 15 year mortgage so that she would own her home flat out at the age of 37. I mean seriously, what an admirable choice. Last month I found her that house and in a few weeks she will begin her feat of paying it off. I love being a part of people's good life decisions. What I don't love is the photo the other agent used. I mean seriously are we selling a house or a tree because at this point I can't tell.

2. I was introduced to Rockingham, North Carolina by producing a GAC special on Bucky Covington (american idol contestant turned country music celebrity). After interviewing and driving with Bucky all over town I could now give the "celebrity tour" of Rockingham. I have no idea who would be on that tour but it probably wouldn't be a pretty group of people. No - just trust me. Now that I think about it you DON'T want to go on this tour.

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