Monday, June 8, 2009

In the Bush

In the Bush

This weekend was consumed by one task: stain the deck.

Since we bought the house, our deck has been a bright orange color. It grew on us to the point we finally stopped noticing it really. It did blend in well with the bright orangey tones of the brick. But after living with it for two years, and after it started looking like it had stuff growing on it we knew it was time to get after it with some brushes and elbow grease. Of course we had to pick a color first. Of all the decisions Tiff and I have faced during the course of our marriage thus far, choosing colors takes the cake. Nothing else can put us into a quandary like having to agree on what color something should be. We both tend to just look at each other like "how will we ever conquer this monumental hurdle in our lives?"

Well, now it's all done.

We're both sore in many places, I have scrapes and bruises from fighting through the holly bushes (see pic above) and you should have seen the contortions my wife had to master to paint under the bench.

We're still wrestling through wether we "love" it, but if you ask me it doesn't really matter. After we've both invested 10 hours of our life, like it or not, the color is staying.

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