Friday, March 26, 2010

Labor Pains Begin

This is the first stack of paperwork Joshua and I have done.

I included the post it note so you could have a point of reference.

I wish I could say these were all just papers we had to sign but this bump on my ring finger doesn't lie. These are forms we had to fill out front and back, essay questions on both sides of those sheets of paper and all kinds of information we had to look up about ourselves. I'm expecting at least 3 more stacks of this magnitude before we are even allowed to be on the waiting list.

For now we're just focused on this stack being all done. Once we get our test results back we can start all of our interviewing and the next pile of paperwork. I think our labor pains will come every two months in the form of one inch of documents and forms to be filled out.

I'll give you one whole dollar if you can guess the first question we asked when they told us we had to write a 4 page autobiography.


ty said...

Single or double spaced......

sam said...

i thought what ty said immediately too.

or perhaps if it was per person.

joshntiff said...

Way to go Ty!

I didn't even give her the option of single spaced. I just asked if double space would be okay.

ty said...

You know my paypal account information.... lol