Thursday, December 2, 2010

Just When We Were Getting a Handle

Our bodies were just adjusting to the little bursts of sleep we get and we were figuring out how to do our work routine while juggling Ehren and then yesterday we hit a snag.

Austin jumped up on the couch, screamed and now we have a pretty hurt puppy. The vet ended the exam with "well the good news is she isn't paralyzed" however, I watched her do her tests and Austin stopped reacting to some of them about halfway down her back. The short story is she still has reflexes in her back legs but her brain has lost control of them because of a ruptured disc around L4 in her spine. We are still hoping that she will recover with some medicine but if not we have to decide if we want to pay for surgery and the chances of the issue recurring are huge.

For now she can't walk at all and we have to carry her outside and keep her in her crate. So one of us carries a kid and the other carries a dog. We aren't outfitting her for the wagon she can roll herself around in yet but the mental image does make us giggle a little bit. Hopefully it won't come to that because I think the giggles would all disappear. For now we are just waiting to see and this is the extent of her day.



Anonymous said...

Poor Austin the dog. Sweet puppy.

sam said...

gah! that's horrible! i'll come over and decorate the wagon if you get it. glitter and sequins and a personal license plate sounds about spot on.