Sunday, June 19, 2011

Ehren's Dad and My Dad

Today is a day to grill out, relax and be thankful for the dads in your life. Ehren and I are both lucky to have dads that share a lot of great traits.
  • He works tirelessly for his family
  • He leaves work at work (something I wish I could do better)
  • His words are well chosen and so few that when spoken they are respected by his peers
  • Service to others is his first instinct
  • He isn't too much of "a man" to cook or clean or whatever needs to be done
  • His focus is so intense that the whole family can be in the car ready for church and he is picking weeds out of the flowerbed

Even though that last one is sometimes annoying and my mom would say shouldn't be on a positive list I am thankful for everything that makes up Joshua and Bobby - the dads in my life. I love you both!

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