Tuesday, August 23, 2011

What the Fykes Do to the Economy

Seems like every time we travel to Europe we come back to a blistering US economy and I have my fears that this time it will be no exception. Everything's fine if I go to Peru or we got to Asia but something about our desire to see Europe never works out well for our compatriats pocketbooks. Is that going to stop us? Probably not, but we want to just go ahead and apologize in advance for any inconvience we are causing all of your 401Ks.

This is a new kind of Fykes travel and for now we still aren't sure how it is going to work out. We aren't going to couchsurf once but instead we'll be staying in people's apartments they rent out to travelers. We figured that was better than hostals because if we don't have a fridge where do we keep Ehren's milk? In a few places it also means we can put Ehren down for a nap and shut him in a room while we watch a movie for the afternoon. Siesta here we come!

It also means we still get to meet some locals because they are the ones meeting us with the key and we can still pick their brains about what to do in the city. We actually just skyped yesterday with our first host in Madrid and he's a great ex-pat who has filled us all in on the demonstrations happening in the Sol square and where to eat dinner.

Another change is our pace is going to be much slower. We are going to stay in most location for 4 or 5 days. If we aren't on a mission trip we haven't stay 5 days ANYWHERE in all of our travels. However, when we think about the logistics of having a baby strapped to our back and actually having luggage the jumping on and off the train just doesn't sound fun.

Also, in all our preparation we haven't found a great online resource of information on traveling with an infant like I expected. If you have a recommendation I'd love to hear it. However, I'll report back here so everyone can learn from our mistakes. Also, I hope to prove my hypothesis that traveling with an infant is totally possible and maybe even fun. The Fykes are always happy to be your science experiment.

Spain here we come!

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