Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Quite a Legacy

La Sagrada Familia - spire construction 2

I was close to crossing this off my list of things to do. After going I can't believe I almost missed it. Having seen many of the greatest cathedrals in the world, seeing Gaudi's interpretation and vision of a cathedral is amazing. He takes the plan and grandiose volume typical of a cathedral and makes it organic and a bit funky in his quirky art nouveau style.

La Sagrada Familia - Interior 2
La Sagrada Familia - Interior 6

This project started over 100 years ago. It's currently about 50% complete, it was about 25% complete at Gaudi's death. He knew other architects would continue his vision with their own interpretations which is amazing and has created much debate in Spain over whether the newer work is really staying true to Gaudi's. Personally I really like the newer work (passion facade)

La Sagrada Familia - Passion facade
it's a bit stripped down and abstracted in contrast to the more Gothic, busy and ornate original entry.(nativity facade)

La Sagrada Familia - nativity facade


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