Tuesday, November 17, 2009

It Has to Get Worse First

Last week a monumental feat was achieved for The FYK Group. We officially hired some office help. We have been talking about this forever and the reality is that we just got to a point where we HAD to get some help or you would never be able to find me under the piles on my desk or Joshua would be forced to kill me to hold up all those threats about if I lost the checkbook one more time.

I don't exactly know how to ask her to organize my desk yet but I'd say that will come right after learning all of our systems and how to quote at least one full episode of Friends with us. Either that or she will leave screaming one day never to return.

I enjoy having someone new to answer the phones and my favorite thing is a new slot to file things into that doesn't have to be touched by me again...ever! Joshua thinks I only hired her to side with me during arguments but that isn't it at all. Just happens to be a nice perk.

Our life is going to get better. Right now teaching and running the business is a little overwhelming but it is going to get so much better.

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