Sunday, December 27, 2009

Our New Winter Home

When I was twelve and my family finally got cable I loved Nick at Night programming. We weren't allowed to watch MTV and there were only 10 other stations at that point so every night we would watch the Nick at Night line up. I'm probably the only person my age who knows anything about the original Get Smart. It was actually my favorite show when I was in junior high and I always wanted to be Agent Niney-Nine.

Fast forward 19 years and I find myself stuck in a Nick at Night episode not quite as bad as The Beverly Hillbillies but we definitely aren't spies. To catch you up we are temporarily relocating to a small town in Texas called Swinney Switch. Now please don't underestimate my use of the word "small." This town is a gas station and a bar.

Gas Station. Bar. Joshua's dad's house.

This is one of those places that doesn't have internet access. NO INTERNET! It's the kind of things you read about but you just don't think really exists. (Thank goodness for 3G cards)

The crazy thing is this is some people's dream. 20 acres of land + horses + cattle + diesel trucks + tractors + millions of stars

Unfortunately Joshua and I are only really enjoying the stars part of that equation. Every time I'm out in the barn feeding horses or watching Joshua on the tractor I can't help but sing the theme song from Green Acres. I hated that show but I'm understanding Eva Gibor's character more and more every day.


Anonymous said...

Does Josh have to go up the telephone pole to answer the phone?

If so I will try to call less....

Love Mom

Lauren S said...

Joshua needs to trade those athletic pants for some coveralls, or at least Carhartts!