Thursday, December 31, 2009

Our Yester-Day on the Ranch

6:45am Alarm Goes Off

7:00am Boots on headed to the barn to feed horses

7:20am Head back to the house

7:22am Brush Teeth/Straighten Hair/Breakfast

7:46am Restaurant Supply guy stops by to look at equipment

8:02am We decide his price was bad and we'll list it all on craigslist

8:03am It starts to rain

8:05am Load 2 horses up to go to the vet/troublshoot lights on the horse trailer

8:42am Head to the vet

9:15am Enter civilization

9:19am Arrive at Vet/Realize straightening hair was worthless

9:27am Leave horses/Head back to the ranch

10:00am Get call from flooring guy who can't find the house

10:13am Grown man crawls around on our floor trying to find the smell

10:27am He decides it's everywhere but will barter work for the pool table - SOLD!

10:42am Head into Corpus Christi in the rain

It all gets very city regular from there. You know - notorize that, sign this, scare employees by showing up at the restaurant.

The craziest thing is our mornings are pretty much like that everyday. Just substitute realtor/pest people/plumber for restaurant supply guy and flooring guy and switch Home Depot or H.E.B with the vet and that's our typical morning.

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sam said...

bartering = awesome.