Friday, January 1, 2010

January 1 - Thanksgiving Day

In leau of the traditional New Year's Resolutions the Fykes do a list of thankfulness for the last year. Last year was a crazy year in a more traditional sense so here is what we have:


  • Joshua's dad came to visit us in Nashville for the first time since we moved here
  • We get to set our own work hours so while we don't have kids we can sleep until 8am every day
  • Even when the numbers didn't add up, we still ended up with all the bills paid
  • Some people are extremely generous when tipping pizza drivers
  • We came out of our season of questioning and debating, consensus: Nashville feels like home
  • We have some really awesome neighbors who will take care of our house and mail (sometimes without us even asking)
  • We love to learn
  • FYK Architecture expanded to FYK Group and now instead of producing videos Tiffany is pretty much rocking the real estate world
  • One Word - Sukkah
  • In a season of sadness we were not alone - friends drove for hours, family came and worked tirelessly and meals were brought - all of that lightened the load we are now carrying
  • Joshua knows SOMETHING about horses