Friday, January 29, 2010

Me: 18 degrees Him: 65 degrees

Today it's snowing so much I decided not to get out of bed. I'm dressed and working but with snow like this it's just better to be under a quilt.

It has never actually snowed twice in one year since we have lived in Tennessee but here it is folks. Twice in one year and this time it may be over 6 inches (i'll let you know how it really turns out).

The saddest part of the snow is that Joshua isn't here to see it. He drove straight through yesterday and is back in Texas working to get rid of that last philly (female baby horse for you non ranchers) and getting the house on the market. Plus, Monday is pay day at the restaurant so he'll have checks to sign as well.

Since we just got back from Colorado I don't think he's totally torn up about missing the snow but I would enjoy it more if he was here. We could walk to the agriculture center down the street and sled with the kids. Plus we could make a true human size snowman. Maybe I'll do that anyway.

I promise pictures tomorrow if the snow lives up to expectations.

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sam said...

stay warm friend! sam