Thursday, January 28, 2010

Why Not Take A Vacation?

Joshua and I just returned from visiting friends in Colorado.

Yes, we still own a restaurant in Texas.
Yes, we still have one philly that is all alone trying not to be eaten by coyotes.
Yes, we still have 2 mortgages.
Yes we haven't seen our Nashville clients in 2 months.

You don't think that sounds like the perfect time for a vacation?

This trip was planned months before our life exploded and we were left picking shrapnel from our shins so we had no choice but to lose the money or head to the mountains. Honestly, when you think about it "running for the hills" seems like a very practical response to the level of stress we've been dealing with so we just dwelt on that clique and took our already packed Texas bags to Colorado. Luckily our friends lent us a coat when we arrived.

Quick Side Note: When I arrived at the airport I realized I had been to Denver for work before. How ridiculous is it that when planning this trip I never though "oh I've been to Denver" but the second I stepped foot in the airport I knew I had been here before? Ahhh, I miss all the traveling I got to do with my production work.

It was impossible to fully leave the mess behind and enjoy ourselves but we did our best. Denver is beautiful. The lack of humidity makes the cold bearable and it is so sunny it's hard not to be happy.

Mt Falcon in Colorado

We had just the right amount of working, hanging with friends, sitting and although our skiing got cut short I don't know if I could have taken another day of walking around in those boots. Hope you all had a great week too.

Winter Park

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sam said...

oh you guys are just too cute! and i was with you in denver :)