Saturday, January 9, 2010

Hand Offs

We had to schedule a quick trip back to Nashville for a closing this weekend. Turns out people LOVE to buy houses around Christmas. I sold 3 houses and a condo since December 20th. And so if someone wants to pay cash for my listing I will definetly fly myself back to TN to make that happen.

Also turns out that winter is starting 2010 with quite a bang. It has not stopped snowing since we've gotten home to Tennessee two days ago and it won't get above 20 the whole time we are here. All the schools flipped out and were cancelled but Joshua and I had a full slate of meetings and darn if we were going to let a little snow stop us. More than anything we want to curl up on our couch with a fire but instead we are doing the One Car Tango.

Never heard of it?

It's a very practiced dance we've been perfecting the last few months. The key is in the scheduling of meetings but the actual steps go like this. I stay home and prepare for my meeting while Joshua is away at his meeting. Then I get everything together and put on my coat as he is pulling up and he jumps out gives me a quick kiss and I slide into the drivers side while he goes inside to type the proposal from the meeting he just had.

So far we've landed 2 new projects for Joshua and I'm working on 3 new listings all while looking at this every time we leave our driveway.

Salem Dr

Really though the best part is while we're here it's freezing in Texas too. Although there's no icy roads we'd be feeding horses in 20 degree weather and so we missed 3 days of THAT misery fun.


Lauren S said...

It's been in the 40s and beautiful today! And 50 tomorrow...come to Colorado! Oh good, you are. ;)

Anispyker said...

thats a beautifull picture