Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Almost There

(A few of the items that have vacated the premises during this trip)

As of last Thursday night, I'm back in Texas. Thus far this trip has involved:

moving a bunch of furniture (more than once), selling a saddle, getting carpet installed, having the painting touched up, getting the house clean and staged for potential buyers, showing the house all day Sunday to said buyers, payroll, bills, more bills, selling the tractor, selling the car, a bit of work for one of my clients, selling the hay trailer, cancelling magazine subscriptions, beginning the arduous process of cancelling Dish Network service (which involves climbing up the side of the house to remove a piece of "their" equipment for them, packing it all up, and then PAYING to ship it back to them....don't get me started about how backwards that seems to me)

Oh and I forgot to mention: I also sold the last two horses, and negotiated a deal with a buyer, so the house is unofficially SOLD.

Tomorrow involves moving a bunch of files and you guessed it: furniture, from our old storage unit to a new one. I received a certified letter on Saturday letting us know the storage facility we've been renting since 1997 for file storage and surplus equipment is going to be torn down to make way for a new restaurant, ironic isn't it? Soooo....we have until the end of this month to vacate. I'm really not upset about it, I had a good laugh when I got the letter (you have to laugh at that kind of thing right?).

I'm extremely thankful that by tomorrow night we will have all the horses gone and hopefully have a signed contract on the house.


sam said...

so close you can taste it! we're keeping our finger crossed for a house sale!

Banyuwangi Dream Land said...
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