Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I've had to stop calling my mother so she will stop asking me to update the blog. It's a tough life when your internet life starts interfering with your "real" life. I apologize for the lack of posting but I think I mentioned about a year ago that when you have nothing to talk about you have all the time you need to blog but when you have great antidotes about all the interesting things happening to you then there's no time left before you pass out at night.

In lieu of full posts I'll just give you the quick things I've thought about blogging about:

  • Did you hear about the city in Florida that need to destroy an old bridge and instead of spending the $13 million themselves they are trying to get a big Hollywood movie to blow it up? I love that kind of creative problem solving
  • Our adoption agency called us to let us know they are letting a new family into their Taiwan program (something they only do every few months) and they picked us. That means as soon as we get our home study and dossier completed we get to start being on the waiting list.
  • Found out there are 2 families currently on their waiting list and 8 families working to get their dossier finished. Sounds like a race to me. Nothing like making adopting a competition to motivate me towards finishing up all the paperwork.
  • I'm currently working a real estate transaction where my clients are swapping houses. They are literally going to buy each other's houses. Oh and it gets better...they live down the street from each other. You think there's no way to make real estate different? Just try me!

Well, that covers my last two weeks of missing posts. Now you're all caught up on the Fykes and I can stop dodging my mom's calls.

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