Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Town and Country Restaurant

I've been staring at this picture on my desktop for months. We took it back in February to give everyone something to visualize when we talk about the restaurant. The place is broken into the main room and the "party room." Party room is where I'm standing. It's also where they had the Rotary meetings and where the overflow of people go during the rush hours. It's also the section of the restaurant that we shut down for some friends one Valentines in high school. We gave them a linen table cloth and a rose and called it a romantic dinner. It's also called the 50's if you're down with the restaurant lingo.

Anyway, now you can see all the cool retro light fixtures and diner tables and if you look close you can see the bar where all the coffee regulars sit and drink all day. No kidding - some of those guys sit there for longer than people sit at Panera working.


Lauren S said...

I'm glad to see a picture! And I guess this means you guys are still restaurant owners. ;)

joshntiff said...

Yep, still in the biz for now.