Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The First Book

So on the same day that I went to the library to get my "Trying Not to Get Stupid" book I also picked up 2 copies of Mere Christianity for Joshua and I to read together. Neither of us had read it so it seemed like it was about time to do that. While I was very disappointed with The Zero I am throuroughly enjoying my other book. Not just are the chapters a nice 5 or 6 page bite everyday, but I just love the perspective that C. S. Lewis brings to things I have heard my whole life.

I need to own this book because it seems like every chapter has something I want to underline.

Now some of you don't understand the weight that sentence really carries. I have this very strange (read weird) respect for book. I read them just barely open so I don't crease the spine and I never set drinks on them and a little part of me dies when one of you dog ear the pages. However, I want to mark this up so that I have a quick reference to the challenges and excellent points he makes.

So, instead of boring you with my critique of The Zero, a book that tried too hard and had to include an excerpt from a playboy interview to explain itself (yeah I'm not kidding, one of the "articles"), I thought I'd encourage you to challenge yourself with Mr. Lewis' take on the Christian life.

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