Sunday, July 13, 2008

Photoessay: A Brief History of Lemon Bread

To those who will smile and laugh (you know who you are):

start of lemon bread

LEMON: The start and most important ingredient of the Felton tradition.

step one

step two

You have to squeeze as much juice as you can.

step three

For those wondering - those are the hands of my wonderful mother-in-law. She is the "mother"(pun very much intended) of lemon bread. We know this delicacy originated in her childhood, but her memory is a bit fuzzy as to why. An interesting sidenote from the creator: saltine crackers can be used in lieu of bread.


To eliminate any doubts or suspicions you might be having about us "staging" this very real phenomenon.

the lemon carnage

The final step and pièce de résistance is munching down on all the lemons used, leaving nothing but peels.

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