Friday, July 18, 2008

Curtains Are Coming

So while we were in Texas, I started making the curtains for our living room. I have had the fabric for six months but a couple of things I had to do before I could make them.

1. Get a sewing machine 2. Remind myself how to sew

To take care of those pesky details I got a sewing machine for Christmas and I took a worthless sewing class as a refresher in January. Really the only thing the class taught me was that my sewing machine sucks. Unfortunately by the time I discovered that our finances where in lock down in preparation for the European Adventure. That left me with really no options and a purple sheet still hung in front of our bay window.

On a side note: I do think that purple sheet helped with our home security while we were gone because who in their right mind is going to break in to a home with a sheet hung over the window. They are going to hit up the plantation shutter home and skip right on by us.

On returing from the trip we got a kick in the pants to finish decorating so out came the curtain dilemma again. Then the solution struck me, I can take the material home to Texas and sew it on my mom's machine. So that is why we went to sew curtains. It had nothing to do with this. :)

making curtains

After many adjustments and trials I have finally decided that I don't have a good enough grasp of physics to be creating my own curtain pattern just yet. They aren't going to be exactly what I had planned but they are going to look better than a purple sheet. I'll have some pictures next week of the living room in its new moving towards finished state for all to enjoy. Have a great weekend.

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