Wednesday, May 7, 2008

London Baby!

So yesterday was the beginning and when we were sitting waiting for our plane in Nashville, we began to get a little scared. It is kind of like this thing that has been built up in your head to be something fabulous and there is just no way the experience can live up to expectation. That was right until Ben Folds came and sat down right in front of us … like so close I could have touched him and I really had to refrain Josh from actually doing it.

If you guys know me, you know I know very few musicians and I care for even less, but this is the one guy who I would pay good money to see. And, I got to smile and make pleasantries for absolutely free. Once Mr. Folds sat down and Josh shhhhed me from singing “Zach and Sarah” (even though it refused to leave my head for the rest of the flight)-Josh and I looked at each other and said this is so going to be awesome.

We made it to NY where we transferred to JFK and caught a shower (best decision of the day-well, right after not reaching out and touching Ben) and then jumped on our plane for London. This is the leg where the business class ticket really paid off. Do you know they serve you a 5 course meal on china, with real silverware? After dinner we tried to get to sleep and I’m sorry to say Josh was the only one who succeeded. So we landed in London at 6:55am and I had no sleep and a long day ahead. Oh well, because we’re in “London, Baby!”

fresh off plane with no sleep

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