Friday, May 2, 2008


So in planning this journey understanding the Eurail system has been the hardest. What is covered? What isn't? Where do you buy what?

I am by no stretch of the imagination an expert now (although I think once we are back I will be), but here is what I have learned so far

1. is not an exhaustive list of trains this is a much better place to find everything (or you can go to each countries official site)

2. These people are experts and they will answer questions over the phone. I'm really sad I found them 4 days before we leave instead of months ago

3. If you are going to take a night train try to make it after 7pm because you will only use one travel day on your pass instead of 2

4. Czech Republic is NOT covered on the global pass-discovered that this morning so we'll have to buy a supplement for that leg-darn! If you need to go to Slovenia, no problem but I guess the Czech Republic just doesn't play well with others.

I still have lots of questions but I am going to just wait until we get there and ask a travel agent. That's what they do on Amazing Race and it seems to works out for them. Yes, I use reality television as the educational tool it was meant to be.

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