Monday, May 12, 2008

Buongiorno, parla inglese?

The only Italian words I know to date, but man have I used them quite a bit. Once I got used to opening my mouth and asking for help, Verona was lovely. Verona is beautiful, but an easy city to navigate it is not. Medieval city planning just pales in comparison to the good 'ole gridiron plan of New York City. It does allow for a great experience and nice view corridors though. Needless to say we took a few wrong turns.."Via de What?" We did learn, and by "we" I mean "me", that asking strangers for help can lead to new discoveries, such as this view.

Verona from church

We also found Giardino Giusti, it was beautiful. We then grabbed a nice pizza(FYI - pepperoni is a pepper, Salami is what we think of as pepperoni, in case you're ordering a pizza in Italy) and some even nicer gelato. We then grabbed the night train to Rome, first experience in a couchette.

Giardino Giusti11

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Scott Coile said...

Excellent (well except for the strike). What a beautiful place. Off to see more on Flicker.