Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Is it yellow?

Presently I am typing with a semi sick Joshua leaning up against me so I apologize for typos. Yesterday he began to feel ill (see how I use my British English) and after a couple glasses of "Airborne" we were hoping it was kicked. He did wake up with the signs of a sinus infection this morning which always turns really bad fast for him and here is where our amazing couchhosts again work magic. Alex was able to convince a pharmacist to give him some antibiotics without a prescription. He had to go to 2 pharmacies but he made it work and Josh hugged him when he got the medicine. We were not looking forward to figuring out how to get a doctor that our insurance would cover, etc.


Quick social medicine side note: This antibiotic cost 14 Euros...that's it.

We took it easy today but we did go out to the Schonbrunn Palace and walked in the amazing gardens even though the weather was cold and a bit dreary. It was well worth the risk of rain and we desperately wish the sun had been out so we could have gotten some good pictures.

schonbrunn palace2

We also enjoyed a museum of music (Haus der Musik) and really enjoyed sitting and listening to the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra. That made us want to go to the symphony and it also made me miss music a lot. I wish there was a group I could join to play the piano, or percussion, or something because I miss being a part of a larger group for making music. Didn't quite make me wish for teaching piano again, but playing music again would be nice.


Keithan said...

Eww! Josh hope you feel better QUICK!

Memry said...

Amoxicillin is a $4 prescription here folks.

joshntiff said...


Did not know that, but I will definitely remember it, since I tend to average about (2) sinus infections per year.