Sunday, May 11, 2008

When in Rome...Eat like a Roman College Student

They are going to know the cheapest place to eat...right.

Our couchsurfing host, Matt, turned us on to a little place in north Rome called Momart (on XXI Aprile- yeah they name roads dates) that had a happy hour buffet. All you have to do is buy a drink for 8 euros and then you get all you can eat pizza, pasta, etc. You couldn't get a sandwich for 8 euros at night. The one trick he didn't tell us was that you have to fight for the food. Just imagine 50 college students trying to get at the same one pizza they put out every few minutes. Once I taught Josh the art of using his height to reach over people we were good to go and had 3 full plates. I think the score of the restuarant was the caprese (I don't think there is any better mozzeralla in the world) so once they put out a new platter of that stuff I filled a whole plate and I'd say I got my 8 euros right there.


We spent the rest of the night walking around looking at floodlit sites, met some Norwegians and need to email them this picture we took, and then again screwed up the transportation back to the couchsurfers and didn't make it home until 3:30. That is AM folks.

Also earlier today we went to the community rose garden of Rome-bet you won't find that in any guide books but it was a great Italian place to be. Josh took the opportunity to practice sketching while we were there so we could sit in the shade which I enjoyed.


They actually have the World Rose Competition about to start next week so Josh and I took it upon ourselves to judge. We deem Dormani the winner (created in France in 2003) but there was a close second that we didn't get the name of but it had multiple buds within the same flower which was cool.

Anyway-have a great day! Ciao!

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Ty said...

My kind of place a Roman Cici's mmmmmm.... Gotta use those boney elbows Josh. lol