Saturday, May 24, 2008

Somewhere in my youth, or childhood...

Josh woke up this morning feeling a little better which was good because we had reservations on the Sound of Music tour so we were going sickness or not. It was really nice to be driven around and have information fed to us after 2 weeks of finding everything ourselves and trying to translate a foreign language to know what we were looking at. Also, now we are anxious to get home and watch the movie again. I didn't know that so much of the movie was really filmed in Austria.

One silly thing is we forgot our camera on the trip so sorry no pictures-which is bad for you. It ended up being nice for us because we weren't worried about capturing everything, and we got to just enjoy the scenery.

The rest of the still cloudy and really cold day was spent walking around Salzburg. We went to Mozart's residence and Mirabella Gardens and then went back to the pension early because we were so cold.

salzburg in the background

We are going to have to come back to Salzburg again because this little stop didn't do it justice. Also, there are some beautiful lakes around the area so next time we'll get a car and explore with our camera. I mean, how often can you drink the water in lakes?

Interesting bit of information: The president/creator of Red Bull is the richest man in Austria and the headquarters are on a lake just outside Salzburg. The building is surronded by water-breathtaking-I don't really see how anyone gets any work done there. This is the picture we are going to steal link to since we don't have our own.


Anonymous said...

Looking at the pics of Josh on Flicker labeled and again -3 have me wondering what else is in the antibiotics that Josh is taking.


Joshua & Tiffany said...

Mom - just antibiotics, those pictures were supposed to be set to private, just for us (oops)