Sunday, May 18, 2008

A Day at Rest

We aren't quite managing the 1 to 6 ratio God intended, but we did take one day of rest in Portschach, Austria at Lake Worthersee. It was quite a relief after leaving the hustle and bustle of Venice.

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It was the first time we needed our long sleeves so we weren't able to swim but we did just sit and not really do much which was the plan anyway.

First trick: Getting off the train at the right stop. All of our other destinations had been large cities where the train stayed for a minute or so at the station (sometimes 10) but that was not the case here. We were literally the only people to get off and I knew if we weren't stepping off the train as soon as it stopped they would fire it back up and we'd be where ever the next stop took us.

We were poised and waiting and made it off the train and luckily found the information place in town because the station was so small there was only 1 person working there and they were at lunch when we arrived. Also, this is the first place where we were totally lost with language. German is not like English or Spanish so we had nothing to lean on but our quick wit and it doesn't seem they understand American sarcasm either.

We did find a grocery where we bought a ready made sandwich and had a picnic at the lake where the ducks kept trying to eat our food. I felt bad because Josh hit one in the head with our water bottle but after that the duck did understand to stay away.

lake worthersee

Our gastehaus was brand new I think because there was nothing on the walls and they kept asking us to make sure we were okay, like every 15 minutes. All they knew was "good?" but we muddled by communicating with the woman. The breakfast they served was a spread and they had enough stuff out that we made sandwiches to pack and called it lunch for the train.

So after our evening of picture editing, taking a complete shot in the dark at the German menu for dinner and a good nights sleep we are on to our next place.

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