Friday, May 9, 2008

Rome-Strike 1

Josh will blog later with more details on yesterday but today kicked our butts and you are lucky to get anything out of us. Rome is not our friend as of today, we're going to give tomorrow another chance.

We hit a transportation hiccup today. We were minding our own business taking the bus to tell the Pope Carl says "hi" and the driver just stops and says get off. That's it no explanation (lets be honest we couldn't have understood his Italian anyway-but still). So then we are standing around going, "What do we do?"

We finally make it back to the train station on our much tired feet expecting to take the Metro to see some things and that is closed too. People just standing around at the closed gate. We have no way of asking people what is going on and even less ability to understand their answer so we are just clueless and tired. We decide to just head to our campground and that is where we are right now. We later find out they went on strike from 8:30 to 2. I don't really understand the point of a mini strike but apparently it is common and it was just enough time to basically ruin our day. On the upside we did stumble onto a movie set in a market so I got to see what my job looks like in Italian.

We are going to rest and try again tomorrow with the whole Rome thing. Josh didn't sleep much on the overnight train last night and the 2 nights before that I got a combined 4 hours so a rest sounds great.

Interesting Fact: The keyboard is a Roma keyboard so yes I have to retype every apostrophe because à is where ' should be but you guys don't have £ § ç ò and I do


Anonymous said...

Is this one of those days where you started laughing hysterically, Josh got mad at you for laughing and you got mad at him for getting mad at you? Good thing Skype is free and you can call to hear a friendly voice whenever you want.

Anonymous said...

I finally figured out how to comment on these blogs & who knows where my last comment went??? I am sorry you & Josh had a rough day, but you'll be a pro by the time you are scheduled to come back home. MOM

Ty said...

Now you can see why the people on Amazing Race have so much trouble and be glad we didn't make it because we would have been snippy with each other lol Ty

Anonymous said...

Hey, what you will find that walking is the best way to go most of the time. You will be in so many diffrent places for such a short amount of time that it is just easier and cheeper to read the map and walk. You will be tierd at first but it is also one way to see more of the "real culture" in the diffrent places. Tawna

Anonymous said...

I don't want to admit how many times a day I check this blog to see how you guys are doing.
Yeah! No new posts since Friday 05/09/08.
I'm hoping that this means you are:

1-Getting some much needed sleep
2-Getting in the grove of things and are having such a wild adventure that you can't be bothered to update your blog.

Hope it's #2, you can sleep when you are old. You are in Europe Baby!

Carl Cartee said...

What a day! Mini strike? that makes about as much sense as a mini-concert. Something that has plagued my musical career for many years..."we want you to do a mini-concert...not a full one, because mini is much easier to manage and basically cuts off any effectiveness, you would have otherwise had, right between the legs." mini sucks. this is what I love about your trip. It is not is big and full on. I am honored to get a mention and your quest is of great appreciation to me. Please don't give up. The Pontif will be worth it...btw, Community Group leader/ pontif of fellowship, Doug Martin, came up to me last night at dinner and said our project is the talk of the church. Way to go!! Great idea!! I got a really nice thanks note from Judy yesterday too...she loved the gifts.

joshntiff said...

We are doing well and trying to get in the swing. We are going to write up a few blogs and then schedule them to run so that you guys are getting new stuff often. Free internet has been much harder to come by than expected but that's okay. ps. the laughing hysterically did happen about 2 AM see the post above for why. thanks for all the fun comments and keep them coming