Tuesday, May 20, 2008

If couchhosting was a super power these people would be invincible

Our couch hosts in Austria are AMAZING! We are Alex and Sabine's first guests and I hope more than anything that they are enjoying us as much as we are enjoying being here. The first night we arrived they grilled out (great Austrian meat) and served this amazing butter garlic spread for bread and potatoes and then there were two types of salads. It is by far the best meal we have had on our trip.

We are staying in their upstairs which means we have our own bathroom, bedroom and a whole room to dry our clothes which we got to wash ... in a washing machine.

our room

They also went out with us the first morning on a city tour and we all visited the Treasury of the Hofburg Palace since they had never been (I feel a little bad about that since they each paid the 10 Euro entrance even though it really wasn't worth it). We had a schnitzel lunch and then parted ways as we toured the rest of the Palace and were meant to go to a movie.

josh, alex, sabine, tiff

We ended up spending hours in the palace so we missed our movie. In the end it was fine because here is the point of our trip where our weather luck runs out. We got soaked on the walk home and it really would have been bad if we hadn't started when we did. Josh said the walk reminded him of Haiti. I thought it was fun and so we just laughed and tried to stay under our poncho as much as possible.

Before the rain walk we did hit a grocery were we bought what we hoped where the ingredients for noodle casserole. We got everything but one right and even with the mistake the dinner was great and we got to introduce them to cheddar cheese which they said Austrians would never eat because it is too orange-they think it looks fake.


Anonymous said...

eaainpulSounds like you hit the jackpot on your hosts! It is great to hear how much fun you 2 are having & we will look forward to even more details. MOM

carlcartee.com said...

please keep up the good blogging. It looks like you guys are having so much fun. We had the conference last week. It was soooo amazing. Can't wait to tell you all about it. Would you consider bringing me some Austrian meat? not much, just a few pounds.