Thursday, May 1, 2008

Austin's Foster Family

While we are out of the country, Austin is going to stay with the Smiths.  They agreed to keep her a few months ago as a trial for getting their own dog.  Sounds pretty smart!  I think most of us would be better off if we took baby steps before we jumped off the deep end.  We got a dog before we had kids (not pregnant-for the record), we kept my mom's dog for a while before we got our own, and we dated for 6 years before we got married (that's a little extreme I know).

Anyway, that was the plan.  However, they figured out the kind of dog they wanted, a Vizsla (pronounced VEE-SHLA) and they are rare and hard to find and sure enough last month a breeder just outside Nashville had a litter and they just couldn't resist.  They brought home there new dog on Saturday and their "trial" dog will still be coming to live with them on Tuesday.

 I thought it would be best if we tested out the dog compatibility before we left the country because I didn't want to deal with the fact that Austin had eaten their new puppy while we were in Rome. I took Austin over yesterday and things went as good as expected. Austin growled and Scout tried to play with her and Austin growled and Scout tried to play and Austin get the picture. There was one moment when Austin decided she wanted to play but she growls when she plays so Scout still felt like she was being mean to him.

I'm hoping Austin warms up to Scout and will play well with others while we are away.  Memry is hoping that Austin will teach Scout that his crate is not of the devil so he will stop screaming like he is demon possessed while he is in there.

I wanted a picture of both of them, but Austin would have nothing to do with it. So...let me introduce Scout!




Keithan said...

wow! Scout looks like an awesome dog. I'm sure Austin will have a great time eventually. Who knows - they may even become friends! You might have a hard time pulling her away when you get home! Have you talked to her about the birds and the bees?

hahahaha - Keithan

Memry said...

I love those pictures! Hopefully Austin will teach Scout some manners. On the agenda:
1. We stay quiet when we are in our crate.
2. We poop outside.

Keithan said...

Any relation to the Weimaraner?

kinda looks like the red/brown version... and that's a good thing b/c I LOVE Weims.

joshntiff said...

Yeah it is somehow related to a Weimaraner