Friday, May 30, 2008

Victory is Ours!

prague at night1

After subsiding the first half of our trip on bread, cheese and water (seriously), we decided to blow some of our surplus korunas("crowns") on a nice dinner. We found a nice recommendation on a "foodie" blog, and headed out just as the sun was heading down. The walk over Charles Bridge was beautiful, there were musicians out, people laughing, people making out. We found our gem of a restaurant tucked back off town square. We strolled the back streets discussing ordering a nice dish, something with fish or seafood at least. We arrived to find........they were closed. Why you ask? We're not sure. They're hours and website, as well as the blog's info all say they should have been open. We're giving them the benefit of the doubt, assuming family death or something equally important.

Anyhow, after serious deflation from our excitement, we re-group, find an Internet cafe nearby and pick out another locale that promises great local fare. We stroll down the street to their location and guess what? Yep, they're closed. Not just closed, but we're pretty sure no longer exist. So at this point we're quite flustered, someone says something about God may be trying to tell us something, somebody else doesn't think that's really funny, and we head off to re-group once again.

Now I'm not sure how the process of deciding where to eat works for others, but for us it goes something like this: We either have a place picked out based on a recommendation, and we execute said place, or we try to be adventurous and just wander aimlessly looking at all the options we pass, never really deciding because we always are holding out for something better around the corner (this finally ends when we are so hungry we both break down).

Anyway, on this occasion we decided it best to head back and get another recommendation we had left in our hotel room. On the way we passed a place that we both said "Hey that looks pretty good"......Done! Hands down, it was the best meal we've had on the trip, it even topped the meal Alex and Sabine made us in Vienna. It was an interesting place, a fusion of French and Asian cuisine. We started with spring rolls, which I love, but don't find very often.


Tiff had a grilled salmon dish and I had a pan fried rice and chicken/shrimp dish.

tiff's meal

Both were excellent, and surprisingly a lot more food than they appear in the pictures. Those little piles spread out to be more than you would think. Afterward, we walked in the cool night air and basked in the glory of our victory.

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