Friday, May 16, 2008

Favorite Things- Week 1


Joshua-Ferrero Rocher Gelato

Tiffany-Sitting on the Steps of the Duomo eating tomatoes and buffala mozzarella


St. Peters15

JOSHUA-This photo captures pretty well the feeling of the light in St. Peter's

duomo dome3

TIFFANY-This picture took effort and control and Josh asking some man to stop leaning on the rail we were using (and an awesome REI tripod). I'm just proud of the effort and patience it took for us to get it. Plus, there's a painted man with his leg over the balcony which I think is funny.


Keithan said...

WOW - stunning.

Anonymous said...

So I guess the tripod was a good decision?

Joshua & Tiffany said...

why yes "anonymous" it was a great purchase!