Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Vegas of Medieval Time

We were glad to get to Venice but also about as glad to leave. People think that just because you are on an island they can charge you whatever they want...and apparently they are right. Actually, we saw first hand why everything costs so much. In a city where a speed boat is the biggest thing that can get around lots of things have to be brought in on a handcart and there are no ramps, just stairs. It is crazy how the locals have adapted to these things and I know that if it was America the ADA would just come in and start over with that city.

Venice Canal

It was beautiful and intriguing with the roads that lead no where and the "streets" that are sometimes no bigger than shoulder width. Once you are away from the canal the only thing that makes it feel different than any other Italian city was the fact that there were no scooters (or cars for that matter) vying for the streets.

Joshua did manage to find us the only cheap hostel in the city which was a church turned hostel. The first night was uneventful (if you call us roaming the streets lost, uneventful-but that is what Venice is for really) but the second day we met 2 "Ticos" who we spent the afternoon and evening with. They were quite entertaining and we now have a place to spend 2 weeks in Costa Rica (one with Jose and another with Ricardo). We can't wait!


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Anonymous said...

Sounds like the European version of Pigeon Forge, TN