Monday, May 5, 2008

Moving from One "E" to Another

Yesterday afternoon we finished Express and these are some of the pieces we had displayed.

DSC_0135DSC_0134 DSC_0124 It was a much harder weekend than we expected. We hung everything on Thursday then were back to man our "booth" (which was really just 4 tiers of windows) on Friday night. Saturday morning we were going to spend the beginning of the day working on Europe plans but we got a call that said one of our window tiers had fallen. Yes folks, that means our stained glass pieces fell to the ground-glass met concrete. Our largest piece (the blue one) broke in MANY places and a smaller piece shattered so we had to go up to the church and pick up the pieces-literally. It is the left tier that fell.

It felt like a small funeral and we just didn't have the heart to throw out the larger piece so it is hidden in a closet until we can deal with it. We spent the rest of Saturday repairing the piece that wasn't hurt badly and then rehanging that window, then we were at the booth for the evening. Sunday was a full day at the booth. We sold very little, but that wasn't why were doing it anyway so that was fine with us (although after the pieces broke we were hoping to recover their cost-oh well).

DSC_0119 DSC_0139

Now we move into the last minute frenzy of travel plans. We are 24 hours from departure so we are working our brain overtime making sure we have everything, plus we are trying to get on London time. We are really to a point that we just want to go so I can stop worrying with details.

So, if you want to find us on skype we are josh-n-tiff otherwise we are here for the duration. Leave us a comment every once in a while to give us a little interaction from home. Happy Reading of the Adventure.


Anonymous said...

Hey guys! I love your blog! I found it through Nathan & Steph's blog. We need to catch up when y'all get back to the States. Hope you're having a great time! Be careful couchsurfing! You know Travis and I could NEVER do that!

joshntiff said...


Good to hear from you! We're loving Europe, and loving couchsurfing. You and Travis should really try it, you'll never stay in a hotel again.
Josh n Tiff