Friday, May 16, 2008

Bologna-the city, not the meat

Florence is so far my favorite Italian city so I was afraid to leave it. We headed to Bologna and it was different but not at all a disappointment. It was a quiet, untouristy spot where we couchsurfed with a very friendly student, Lucia.

our couchhosts in bologna

This is her and her boyfriend (Andre-we think) with me on our quick tour around town before we headed to her home. Behind us you'll see an unfinished church. Apparently, after St. Peter's Cathedral every town thought they should have a glorious church, however, not all could afford it and so there are unfinished churches all around Italy. Its like one failed capital campaign after another in that country.

After our quick tour they took us back to Lucia's where she made us a traditional Bolognaian dinner. It was somewhat like a quesadilla but so much better. It was flat bread, mozarella, zuchinni, eggplant and fresh tomatoes. I was shocked how much I liked it and look forward to trying to make it on my own (i'll just have to find mozzarella buffala).

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