Sunday, May 25, 2008


We had a slight crisis of couchsurfing at the beginning of our trip (we weren't able to make contact with them for a couple of hours) but everything went smoothly after that. We went to the Deutches Musuem where they had an almost DisneyWorld esque coal mining display that was very interesting. We were also sick of the museums making us check our small backpacks so we decided if they want our bags, we'll give them our bags-the big packs. Turns out they will hold them for cheaper than the train station. So...we paid 2 Euros to hold our huge packs instead of the 5 Euros the train station wanted.

Beatrice and Carlo (our hosts) were great company and they took us to an incredible Bavarian meal in an incredibly German place. It was like everything you think of when you think of Germany-beer being sloshed from liter mugs, dark wood and meat...lots of meat! But probably the highlight of that day was the movie we watched that night. They rented an American movie and we watched it in English. It wasn't a great movie, but did I mention it was in English.

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Carl Cartee said...

I can't wait to see all of your trip pics. this sounds like so much fun. I am glad your trip is going well. See you soon!