Friday, May 23, 2008

Favorite Things Week 2


Joshua-Getting the antibiotics for cheap...and without the trouble

Tiffany-The view for our picnic at Portschach


prison art

JOSHUA-I was just impressed by the quality of art done by prisoners. I'm sure they weren't handing out state of the art tools and yet they were able to etch into the stone of their cells.

glass sculpture1

TIFFANY-This is a glass sculpture in Morano just outside of Venice. It will become one of a triptych somewhere in our house-probably bedroom.

Notice how both of our pictures are from Venice-that is because the dreary weather hurts the dynamic pictures, or maybe just our attitude toward picture taking.


Anonymous said...

Is Josh past the worst of it and feeling better now?


Memry said...

Austin is still doing well. The way she walks outside is very cute. Its like she knows she is allergic to something so she is very cautious and raises her legs up high. Scout is bigger than her now but she is still holding her own. Sounds like you guys are having so much fun!! Josh, I hope you are feeling better! We miss you guys.

joshntiff said...

Mom - I've been on the antibiotics and I think it should be on its way out now.

Memry - Yeah Austin is a baby about tall grass, she doesn't like to get wet.