Thursday, June 26, 2008

Keeping Up with the Wedelichs

We had some friends who moved to New York while we were in Europe. They are loving it and we were so excited to see the pictures of their new place. They moved in to their new place and not 2 weeks later it looked like this. We have been living in our house for 6 months (post construction) and we only have 4 things on the walls. In our defense, the whole ripping the house down to the studs and building it back in 2 months did wear out our decision making muscle, however, seeing their finished space was the encouragement we needed to start up again (you know, that and not planning or being on a 6 week trip).

Now we didn't get 100% completed but we did get 100% planned so now I am on the look out for the missing elements (a chair, the perfect fabric and various wall stuff for one space). We hung 1 small picture, 1 big piece of art that was intended for our dining room in Austin but it reminds me of my favorite artist so I couldn't put it in the garage, and 20 little square mirrors in 2 vertical lines on a wall. The biggest project was hanging the chinese lanterns behind our bed but I think it was worth it, plus when we hang the fabric in front of all the cords it will brings some more red to the room, hide the mess, and be perfect.


Josh says his favorite thing is going to be turning on the warm light in the winter, I think it is cool that we don't need bedside lamps anymore. Also, in linking back to Sam's picture I noticed that she had chinese lanterns which isn't where I got the idea, but it does confirm the "sure chinese lanterns are still cool" statement I made.

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