Friday, June 27, 2008

If Ever You Go

Here is the first installment of Joshua and Tiffany's Travel Tips. We don't have tips for every place but if we noticed something we jotted it down.  These are all things our guide books didn't mention.



  • Don't buy the 1 Euro tourist map, ask for one at the bus window. It is free and better because it has the bus routes on it too.


  • A rarely visited place is the Giardino Giusti.  It is a little hard to find but well worth the effort and here is why


  • Skip the audio tour for the Doge Palace unless you really care about all the art you see, there is really nothing else in it
  • Buy the Rolling Venice Card for just one day even if you are staying longer and then just make sure you buy your museum ticket that same day and show it to your hotel
  • The Ticket to the Doge Palace includes admission to one other museum in Venice, Murano or Burano
  • Go to the Cemetary if you are going to Murano or Burano



  • The Treasury is not what you are expecting.  Don't think jewels, think Catholic reliquaries and tapestries and in my opinion those things aren't work the 10 Euro admission
  • Schonbrunn Palace had the best garden we saw in Europe (as far as palaces) so go on a day when it is sunny and you can explore-not when it is rainy and cold like us!

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