Thursday, June 19, 2008

Back to Paris

Before we account for our second day of Paris, I need to stop and acknowledge something we’ve been struggling with since about the end of week one…….my shoes. They’re really stinking at this point. And this is no exaggeration, but when I take off my hiking sandals the smell totally fills a room. Sometimes even when we are on the train or in a museum and the air conditioning hits my feet we can smell it with the shoes on.

We’ve had a bit of a body chemistry lesson: We’ve learned that Tiff sweats a lot on her upper body and all my sweat however seems to come out of my feet. That’s bad news when the only shoes I brought are hiking sandals that I don’t wear socks with – I’ll spare everyone the funky details. So until we get home we’re hiding the shoes in the hall or covering them with something so we can sleep. Once we get back……maybe some bleach? - (planning to attack them today)

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