Monday, June 9, 2008

The Second Day of Rest in 4 Weeks

After a full day of sightseeing we went with Camilla and Rasmus to meet some friends at a block party on the other side of Copenhagen. The DJ played 90’s hip hop and I’m not going to lie to you-Funky Cold Medina was my favorite.

block party 5

We enjoyed the party and break dancers for a while but our feet were killing us and we feel bad making people speak English for our benefit so we headed home before our hosts. Since that point we have been sitting on their couch watching DVDs (we did stop to sleep). We watched a documentary called The Bridge, finished up Friday Night Lights and almost made it through 2 discs of Prison Break before we had to leave for our train to Amsterdam.

I know you are thinking, what? you are in Europe…why are you watching American Television? We needed a day to relax and Camilla and Rasmus were able to provide that with a DVD player, a couch and TV on DVD . And you know what the best part is… on the way to the train station we were rewarded with an excitement to go to Amsterdam like we haven’t experienced since the beginning of our trip. We are ready to take in the last 2 weeks folks, Amsterdam watch out!

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